Owned and operated by Tobin and Lei Cooley, Sierra Studios Video Productions is based in Reno Nevada. We specialize in video production, utilizing videography, photography and graphics, bringing to life a vivid and high quality experience for the viewer.




Tobin is a natural artist, his experience spans over 30 years across many artistic mediums, from fine art, videography, photography to computer generated graphics. Tobin is also talented with sound and lighting, he worked with the Northwoods Performing Arts group in the mid 90's, running sound and setting up lights, and worked as a key grip and special effects technician with Out of Hand Productions in Spokane WA.  



Our Services include but are not limited to:


Marketing Videos; Today's social media platforms provide an inexpensive alternative to TV and Radio advertising, and videos have reached a new high in popularity within these platforms, as demonstrated by analytics of these sites. The beauty of producing a video for your website and social media platforms, is that there is only the upfront costs of producing a video, no more paying for specified time slots on TV, your potential clients can view your advertisement any time of day or night. Another benefit is that you can produce longer advertisements allowing you to get more vital information out, the average view time of online videos is around 3 minutes, that is an eternity compared to the 15 or 30 second TV commercial.

Training Videos; Providing training and safety videos for your organization helps increase your bottom line, by improving productivity and lowering insurance rates to begin with. Training videos give your employees the knowledge and tools to increase productivity and improve quality so that your clients are more willing to repeat business and or refer your company, word of mouth speaks volumes. Safety videos help your employees work safer, and shows your insurance company that you are taking vital steps to prevent injury and property damage, the results provide better compliance with government agencies and lower insurance premiums. 



Sports Videos; Do you have a rising sports star? We produce recruiting videos to help you get the word out, show off your athlete with a professionally produced video including titles and stats, interviews from coaches, teammates and peers.

Action Videos; Are you an extreme sports enthusiast? Do you ride skateboard, ski or snowboard, motocross or BMX? If you want to show off your tricks and skills we are your video production company. 



Wedding Videos; With over 20 years experience, our wedding videos are masterfully captured and produced. We are onsite 1 1/2 hours early to capture the final preparations of the venue, guests arriving, pre-photo shoots and more. The entire ceremony is captured uninterrupted, using 2 High definition cameras, and all the important elements of the reception are captured using one camera in chronological order. The final production will run approximately 1:00:00 hour to 1:15:00 hours, and you will receive a copy on Bluray disc and a copy on flash drive. For availability and or to book your date, call for an appointment today.

Event Videos; We custom capture and produce videos to your specific needs, live as they happen for; family reunions, graduation parties, awards banquets, annual community events, non profit events, seminars and trade shows to name a few.


Production Services:  

We provide production design services, from scripts to screenplays we can help design a custom production tailored to your specific needs. Already using an advertising agency, no problem we'll work closely with them to ensure that your production is polished and professional.


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